100 Years of Thought, Enlightenment, Values

This official video shows in summary an event of a substantial substance. We had come up with a concept and put this event together in less than two weeks. The Great Lawn of ADA University was beautifully decorated. Most importantly, it was filled with pride, dignity, dreams and inspirations. President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva attended. The President was also a commencement speaker. I dressed up in a national costume in trend 100 years ago, sat in one corner and watched ideas and dreams showcase on stage.

ADA University will succeed, because its foundation is made of solid values, it has discovered a thought of historical significance and built something of enlightenment. 

Opera and University

The first oil boom in the early 20th century left Azerbaijan with opera, ballet, women's college and alike. These accomplishments were the first of a kind in the entire muslim world. The second oil boom in the early 21st century has built a world-class university in Azerbaijan. Opera was one of the biggest legacies of the first oil boom. ADA University is one of the biggest legacies of the second oil boom.

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Tribute to Heroes

In 1992, I interpreted Lady Margaret Thatcher at a state dinner in Gulustan Palace in Baku. Some 24 years later, I got on a stage in Gulustan Palace and spoke as Senior Vice Rector of Azerbaijan's flagship university. More than 500 guests were in attendance. In less than 10 days, we had raised more than 1 million manats for children and spouses of those fallen in war to study in ADA University for free.

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Dreaming Paper

In 2007, we were looking for an architecture firm in the US to design a new campus of ADA. Somebody suggested to write a brief paper and list all we want. I went home, wrote one as a wish list of a prospective student and called it a Dreaming Paper. İ sent it to some 20 firms. Having read this Dreaming Paper, every single architecture firm wanted to design that campus.

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