Opera and University

For its 10-year anniversary, we produced a video about ADA. In this video, alumni, faculty and administrators describe ADA University in their own words.

I have tried to sum up my own impressions at the end of this video. Here, I also draw a parallel between Hafiz Pashayev and Uzeyir Hajibayov. 

"I compare him with Uzeyir. There is some resemblance between them.

Opera was one of the biggest legacies of the first oil boom. ADA University is one of the biggest legacies of the second oil boom.

Uzeyir had some musical note playing inside his head. He went to pursue that note. As a result, he brought to Azerbaijan an opera, a piece of mankind's cultural advancement. And he composed that opera based on mugham, i.e. the roots of his own nation. Uzeyir staged the first opera of the entire muslim world in Baku.

Hafiz Pashayev has brought the world's most progressive model of education to Azerbaijan. He has built a university from scratch. Inside a forgotten park of Baku, this man has created thirst for learning. And now, it has become the pride of his nation.

ADA is an Azerbaijani university. It is based on international practices, but its essence is of Azerbaijan. ADA is about beliefs, citizenship, belonging. It is an epicenter of enlightenment, culture, honor, learning and science. It is a true meaning of teaching and image of a teacher. What else could you accomplish in one life?!"

Galib Mammad

Tribute to Heroes

In 1992, I interpreted Lady Margaret Thatcher at a state dinner in Gulustan Palace in Baku. Some 24 years later, I got on a stage in Gulustan Palace and spoke as Senior Vice Rector of Azerbaijan's flagship university. More than 500 guests were in attendance. In less than 10 days, we had raised more than 1 million manats for children and spouses of those fallen in war to study in ADA University for free.

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100 Years of Thought, Enlightenment, Values

2018 Commencement Ceremony was dedicated to 100-year anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first one in the Eastern world. We emphasized thought, enlightenment and values that this nation had gained over the past 100 years. Portraits and spirit of Azerbaijan's thought leaders, such as Akhundov, Zardabi, Sabir, Uzeyir...were in presence.

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Dreaming Paper

In 2007, we were looking for an architecture firm in the US to design a new campus of ADA. Somebody suggested to write a brief paper and list all we want. I went home, wrote one as a wish list of a prospective student and called it a Dreaming Paper. İ sent it to some 20 firms. Having read this Dreaming Paper, every single architecture firm wanted to design that campus.

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